Who We Are

RimRyderz offers fully customize-able skateboards built for high-octane performance. 

Start with the urethane wheels. Made by one of the top skate manufacturers in the world, they’re supported by a patented interlocking rim-to-wheels system for complete interchangeability. Universal fittings work with your favorite bearing and truck assembly. Make no mistake. this ride gives you bragging rights.

You change out your phone cases and your Apple watchbands so why not your skateboard rims? Your mad moves demand a look that reflects your personal style. RimRyderz are available in many designs. 

RimRyderz boards are the product of years of R&D, a patented core system and development by one of the industry’s leading manufacturers. The look is amazing and so is the ride. Our wheels are 70mm, made with 78A urethane for durability. They are engineered to “lock” into place with a key, making it easy to interchange rims on the fly. The inner barring housing functions to push away from the rim and applies even pressure between the wheels allowing for a stable, smooth ride. Rims are inset to mitigate paint scuffs and annoying scratches



Why Should Custom Cars Have All The Fun?

This was the original concept that fueled the beginnings of RimRyderz.
We wanted to customize skateboards to reflect who we are, right down to the rims. After years of research and development working with the core market, we’re stoked to introduce rims you can swap out as the mood hits.

Most recently, we’ve joined forces with major, automotive industry trend setters to create custom boards based on their most popular models!


In 2019, we teamed up with the Premium Motorsports racing team in sponsorship of several cars raced by Ross Chastain, Reed Sorenson & Quin Houff. 

In honor of this partnership, we are offering limited edition, commemorative t-shirts through the month of December. 

Get yours while supplies last! 




Win the Official RimRyderz Promo Car!

2006 Dodge Charger Hemi modified

Borlo exhaust.

Custom interior.

This is the official 2019 Rim Ryderz promo car that traveled to and from races. There were two promo cars this season, one kept and the other can be yours!

This car has been driven from California to Phoenix and back, then to Dallas and Kansas. Just like the cars on the track, the motor goes, so it traveled on the trailer back to California for another motor. 

Now it is the end of the season, and it’s time to let one lucky person enjoy this solid, one-of-a-kind treat for themselves. For every $5 of merchandise purchased you will receive a chance to win the Official 2019 Rim Ryderz Promo Car!*


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